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beMatrix supports Bashir Abdi on his road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


At beMatrix, manufacturer of modular solutions for stand building, events and displays, we adore sports. Not only do we organise many initiatives internally, but we also decided to enter into several sports related partnerships.

Being a world famous athlete, Bashir Abdi’s name for sure rings bells amongst many of you. This Belgian runner of Somalian descent now belongs to the top ranks of world class athletes. He had his first major win in 2012 as the gold medallist of the Belgian Championship Cross Country. At the European Championships in Berlin last year he won silver in the 10,000m and at this very moment he is training to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Meanwhile, he has his heart set on shattering the Belgian record for the semi marathon and full marathon. 

During his Road to Tokyo, beMatrix, together with Nike & NN Group, will support Bashir and help him gain as much visibility as possible.

Edwin Van der Vennet, C!O beMatrix: “We are extremely enthusiastic that we, as a Belgian business, can contribute to a Belgian top athlete’s dream coming true: becoming an Olympics medallist. Our business is a niche business worldwide, hence our choice to support certain niches in sports – we already set up a partnership with multiple world champion trial-bike Kenny Belaey. Every day, these athletes give it their all to achieve their goals, so they more than deserve publicity and support. Apart from being a top athlete and hardworking man, Bashir, as a new Belgian, acts as an important role model for youngsters when it comes to dedication and integration, both highly valued attributes here at beMatrix!”

Apart from funding part of his training programme, beMatrix will also support Bashir’s charity project Sportaround. Also outside of business as usual, beMatrix engages in corporate social responsibility: every year they invest a set percentage of their profits in different domestic and international projects linked to ecology and people. These projects are carefully selected and screened for the way they link to the beMatrix philosophy. For every handpicked project they aim to involve their team as much as possible or to raise awareness for the respective themes.

“Sportaround is a perfect fit with our sustainability philosophy, since they strive to offer sports facilities for disadvantaged kids. A great project with Bashir as its ambassador”, explains Edwin Van der Vennet.

Bashir Abdi is more than happy as well, since he has a special bond with the beMatrix’ owners. When Abdi arrived in Belgium aged 10, he was taught Dutch in Ghent by Ms. Ann. She also helped him reunite with his family, something he still is very thankful for: “Ann has done so much for my family and for me. I will never forget that. And now, many years later, our paths cross again.” The Ms. Ann of those days went on to marry Edwin Van der Vennet, CEO of beMatrix (together with Stefaan Decroos).

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