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beMatrix, trendsetter in the ever evolving stand building industry


For years, wooden structures were the thing in the stand building and events industry. A stand builder normally was an accomplished carpenter and assembly times of 8 days for, for example, the Autosalon or Batibouw were no exception.

Today these assembly and dismantling times for trade fairs and events have become a whole lot shorter. Stands as such however also are expected to lead a visitor into more immersive experiences with a certain dynamic: built-in LED lighting, projections, LED screens these days all are standard, preferably all blended in a homogeneous and minimalist look. beMatrix, market leader in the niche market of modular stand building systems, offers the solution of choice for this new standard. 

Fast assembly, minimalist look

The beMatrix frame system ‘with big holes’ is much faster to assemble than a profile-based system or even a structure in wood. Moreover, it is very low in weight and does not require any tools for assembly. The big holes ensure the frames are easily connectable, in all directions, whereas the 62 mm matrix delivers the ultimate in modularity, with countless configuration options. Since assembly is fast, there is more time to spend on finishing – which in the end will make your stand out from all other ones.

Panels, textile or light walls are placed in front of the structure and aren’t fixed, making the frame nearly invisible. The result: a smooth and minimalist look for optimal visual communication.

The beMatrix system is ideal for temporary constructions such as stands, events, displays, pop-ups, congresses…

Textile, panels, lighting … and LED walls!

The beMatrix stand building system leaves you maximum space for creativity in finishing, since a beMatrix stand is not only modular, but also customisable: almost any shape, line and construction is possible and realistic. The same frames will allow you to erect plenty of different stand concepts.

With the frame, the ‘body’, you create any possible shape in any size, be it straight or rounded. Walls, floors and ceilings seamlessly merge. The system is extremely sturdy, making it endlessly reusable. Traces of wear and tear will not shorten its lifecycle or features, since the frame is not visible to eye once the entire stand is set up. The aluminium frame system is lightweight, hence very ergonomic and eco-friendly: no need for the stand builder to carry around heavy pieces, while the transport weight and CO2 emissions remain low.

With the infills, the ‘skin’, your stand will look exactly the way you envisaged. One frame can carry both textile and panels on either side. Panels are attached using hook and look tape, textile with a silicone strip. Our ‘Seamless’ concept goes even further, with the structure totally hidden behind the skin, rendering any seams invisible. A first option is using textiles, with large panels stretched over several frames. An alternative way to finish your ‘Seamless’ stand is by using ‘Panelskin’, a seamless wall system in click laminate.

beMatrix also was the first to develop a method to integrate a LED wall into an existing modular frame system: “LEDskin®”, a top product in which frame and infill blend into a single digital support for dynamic content. LEDskin® was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 and the iF Design Award 2018

International network

beMatrix has 3 production sites and several service hubs dotted all over the world, so we offer support close by, wherever you are.

As a manufacturer, beMatrix relies on the expertise of its customers – the stand builders – to create dynamic and striking stands using the beMatrix frames, accessories and LEDskin®. The bePartner network brings together real beMatrix frame system ambassadors, each with their own expertise: stand building, prints, LEDskin®, rental, double deck…

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