Re!nventing stand building systems.

Extraordinary 360 ° configuration with LEDskin® by Adapt


Fotografiska For Life and Aftonbladet TV cooperated for this project to support ‘Save the Children’ - a nonprofit organization that helps children around the world - in their work to save the starving and sick children in east Africa.

The exhibition What's on The Plate - what the children eat, by photographer Magnus Wennman and journalist Erik Wiman, presents nine children's horrible situations and also an unique 360-film about little Lochebe who hunt's rats to survive. A boy who used to have a borrowed school uniform and a dream, now he hunts with bow and arrow to try to support his family who lives of nothing then leafs.

The 360-film was created using six cameras filming in synchrony. For showcasing it in the best possible way, stand builder Adapt used beMatrix LEDskin® cabinets, shaping a cylinder of 43,5 m² of 174 panels. It is the most modern LED-technique on the market with 3,1mm PixelPitch, that creates a image surface of 4800x960px.

Check out the fantastic result here below:

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