Re!nventing stand building systems.

Dynamic DJ booth with LEDskin®


As you may already know: beMatrix frames offer you endless possibilities. With the introduction of LEDskin®, you can also give your stand, event, pop-up or display an additional audiovisual dimension!

For the Planet B party, beMatrix created this swinging DJ booth. The LEDskin® cabinets and beMatrix frames were combined to create a dynamic stand. The setup consisted of a DJ table and rear wall, made up of standard beMatrix frames with glossy dibond panels and LEDskin® tiles. The whole display was perfectly finished with cover profiles.

The DJ booth was a real eye catcher at the Planet B event.

Check out the animated DJ booth here:


As for any project, a structural drawing and 3D visualization was made to get a clear view of the final result:pic pic pic pic


You want to learn more about LEDskin®? Click here for the brochure or discover all the technical features of LEDskin® in the technical leaflet.

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