Re!nventing stand building systems.

beMatrix resolutely adopts 100% green power


At beMatrix, sustainability is a high priority.

The basis for this is its aluminium stand construction system, which is the foundation for a sustainable alternative to traditional stand construction, which is known to cause enormous amounts of material waste. Waste generation is greatly reduced precisely because stand builders can reuse the aluminium frame system countless times at various trade fairs and exhibitions.

In addition, many other initiatives on sustainable development are being taken within the company. Examples include the combined electric/hybrid vehicle fleet, the annual tree planting campaign with Natuurpunt, etc. These initiatives were linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or sustainable development objectives of the United Nations in order to properly further develop and make them measurable. This is an international action plan to make the world a more sustainable place by 2030 - a methodology that VOKA (Flemish Network of Enterprises) also supports in the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Business.

This information is now part of the beMatrix sustainability charter. This charter clearly maps out the current policy and will serve as a working document to further optimise the sustainable development objectives.

Want to know more about beMatrix’s contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship?

beMatrix is now strongly committed to using electricity derived from 100% green energy.

In addition to its own energy production via solar panels on the roofs of the 2 production sites in Roeselare (BE), it is now also consciously adopting green electricity via Eneco.

"The decision to adopt green electricity was taken very consciously as part of the further development of our sustainability policy, which every 'beManiac' - which is what the beMatrix employees call themselves - is doing on a daily basis" - dixit Edwin Van der Vennet (C!O).

In Belgium, Eneco already has 96 active wind turbines and more than 260,000 solar panels. Eneco received a high score of 16 out of 20 in the annual ranking of Greenpeace. A look at Eneco's Belgian production figures shows that the production capacity comes entirely from the sun and the wind.

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