Re!nventing stand building systems.

beMatrix introduces The Walk of Frame


A daily source of inspiration

Our new showroom is a dynamic and modular place, where movement and experience are the key elements. Customers can discover our products, stand builders can bring their clients to visit, there are different meeting rooms and small constructions can easily be tested in our demonstration area.

The different possibilities with our frame system are displayed in our showroom in both a unique and interactive way. Our innovations like the seamless Panelskin™ and the 360° frame system are definitely the eyecatchers. Our showroom is, on a daily basis, a source of inspiration for both new and existing customers.

It also is the ideal meeting place! During countless workshops, education days and meetings, clients not only get in touch with beMatrix but also with one another. A lot of innovating ideas and unique collaborations have already seen the light of day at our new bar...

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