Re!nventing stand building systems.

beMatrix goes all the way to deploy green car fleet


Sustainability and ecology are intertwined with the beMatrix DNA. beMatrix’ success recipe indeed balances intelligently between tradition and innovation, always retaining that focus on sustainability and ecology. The beMatrix stand building systems are extremely light but very sturdy, invisible and can be reused countless times. A great answer to the worldwide demand for sustainable modular systems.

This enabled the Roeselare-based business to quickly become a world player in its niche market. This year even, beMatrix was crowned winner of the European Business Award (category turnover 0-25 million €) and invested in a new production site in Roeselare, as well as new offices and production lines in the USA (Norcross, Atlanta). Again, sustainability and ecology remained important in these projects. Furthermore, the cars of choice for beMatrix’ car fleet always are eco-friendly vehicles, such as E-Golf (100% electrical), Golf Variant TGI (hybrid, gas + gasoline) and Passat Variant GTE (hybrid, electrical + gasoline), supported by the expertise of Top Motors, another Roeselare-based company. Currently the fleet is 85% green, with the intention to reach 100% in the future, based on the beMatrix mobility profile. When a car is in need of replacement, first all options for green alternatives will be scanned. beMatrix prefers 100% electrical vehicles, CNG comes second, with a gasoline or diesel engine being the last choice. The selection of the car will eventually depend on the transport needs and the place the driver resides at.

Left to right: Henk Vlaemynck (Sales Director Top Motors), Pieter Jan Vandamme (Sales Advisor Top Motors), Stefaan Decroos (CEO beMatrix), Edwin Van der Vennet (C!O beMatrix)

Pieter Lecluyse, Marketing Manager beMatrix: “For beMatrix, sustainability is a strategic cornerstone, which logically also applies to our car fleet. Together with the team from Garage Maes we researched what would be the best solution for our employees. This exercise resulted in a varied fleet mix, consisting of fully electrical cars, hybrid gas/gasoline or hybrid electrical/gasoline. It goes without saying you only drive a green electrical car when you charge the battery using green energy. That is why we recently installed 12 additional loading points at our Roeselare locations and why we invested in 200 solar panels (50,700 kWh).”

Henk Vlaemynck, Sales Director Top Motors: “beMatrix to us is a matter of prestige. They were the first to build such an elaborate case on green driving. Top Motors, a renowned expert in this field, was happy to assist. After 3 years, beMatrix has become a true trendsetter, for our garage but also in the entire Roeselare region.”

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