Re!nventing stand building systems.

Meet the beMatrix b42 frame, your slimmer and more cost-effective frame solution!


To meet the increasing demand for lighter frames brought on by the coronavirus, beMatrix is launching our modular b42 frame. Our b42 frames come with all the value you’ve come to expect from our b62 frames but in a slimmer more cost-effective package.

The b42 frame system advantages

  • 42 mm wide frame so lighter, more elegant
  • More cost-effective and lighter than our b62 frames
  • Can be used in retail and commercial settings
  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the use of anodised aluminium
  • Full personalization possible
  • Easy to use accessories such as baseplate, connectors, wheels
  • Only one panel (b42 mono)

Check out the 3D model of b42:


b42 mono, a single panel solution

In addition to the existing b42 profile, we have developed the b42 mono. The difference? Instead of dressing the frame on both sides with textile or panels using VELCRO® Brand fasteners , it is now also possible to insert just one infill into the middle of the frame. Only one infill of plexi, wood or any other material from 3 to 6 mm thick is slid into the frame allowing you to save money.

A turnkey solution for corona-proofing

With this lighter variant, beMatrix gives you the ability to create modular structures that can be used for 'corona-proofing' solutions in care homes, offices, gyms, factories, warehouses, restaurants, retail outlets, schools, etc. b42 is the ideal solution for partition walls and simple pop-up structures that make public life possible and safer.

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