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What are the payment terms?

You will find the due date at the top of the invoice.

When paying, always enter the structured communication as printed at the bottom (below the total amount) of the invoice. 

How can I pay my invoice?

You can use a bank transfer to one of our both account numbers:

  • KBC: IBAN: BE21 7330 2676 9303 / BIC: KREDBEBB

I need to pay a down payment, but I don’t have an invoice. What should I do?

You can pay via bank transfer, based on the order you placed, including a reference to the order number, for instance ‘Down payment order B…’ 

Can I pay via credit card?

Credit card payments are not possible.

Can I pay in a different currency to EURO?

No, our invoices are in EURO and have to be paid in EURO.

My invoice is incorrect. What now?

Please get in touch with your internal contact person:

What if I made an incorrect payment?

  • In case you didn’t pay the full amount, you can do an additional payment for the outstanding amount.
  • In case you overpaid, you can deduct the overpaid amount from your next payment.
  • In case you would like a reimbursement, you can send an e-mail to, including your bank details and we will arrange a reimbursement.

Can I request a copy of an invoice?

You can request this via your internal contact person:

Can an invoice be made out to a different firm?

Invoices are always drawn up based on the order confirmation.

You always need to provide, the moment you place an order, all information required to draw up a correct invoice.

Once the invoice has been generated, adjustments are no longer possible. 

Why is the delivery address required information?

The delivery address determines what percentage of VAT is applied on the invoice.

This information is needed to generate a correct invoice. 

What is a credit limit? How can I extend that limit?

A credit limit enables you to receive goods up to a certain value, without having to pay this beforehand.

You will be allowed a credit limit after you placed several orders and your business has a good credit score.

This credit limit however is not a loan. Once invoices have reached their due date, they need to be paid, regardless the credit limit having been reached. 

Why do I receive an invoice (outstanding amount) even though I already paid?

In case you received a down payment invoice, you will, after the goods have been shipped, receive an invoice for the outstanding amount.

In case nothing has been changed to the order, the open balance will amount to 0.00 euro; in which case you can add this invoice to your down payment invoice.

In case there were changes to the order between the moment of the down payment invoice and the open balance invoice, you will either receive a credit note or an additional invoice amounting to the difference in value. 

In case I am due a credit note, will the balance be transferred onto my account or will this be taken off my next invoice?

A credit balance will not automatically be reimbursed, however, you can deduct this amount from your next invoice.

In case you prefer to be reimbursed, please email your bank details to

Can I request an overview of all invoices/credit notes/payments?

Of course, you can request such overview via your internal contact person:

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