Re!nventing stand building systems.


I need (urgent) assistance!

For a list of our bePartners • LEDskin® which can offer you urgent support & assistance, please visit:

How many controllers do I need?

The number of controllers depends on the pixel pitch and the number of m² of LEDskin®. Follow these guidelines:

  • Pitch 2.5 => max. 15m² per controller
  • Pitch 3.1 => max. 20m² per controller
  • Pitch 3.8 => max. 35m² per controller

What software do I need?

You have the option of using Novastar LCT Mars and / or Smart LCT to design the lay-out of the video wall and tile positions. Please go to for more information on how to use the software and controller. 

Does beMatrix also create LEDskin® content?

We do not create content ourselves, however, we can refer you to one of our bePartners • LEDskin® content: Our content partners will advise and assist you, from the content creation up to and including providing an optimal display using your LEDskin® setup.

I have a couple of LEDskin® parts requiring maintenance. Now what?

Please send an email to, quoting the number of defect LEDskin® modules (+ serial number) you would like to send for repair.

Once we received your request, an RMA number will be generated; this number is required to send the modules requiring maintenance to us.

Please do not send any modules requiring maintenance before you received an RMA number. 

How can I check what batch I received?

You can check the batch you received using the ILP number. Please find an overview below:

Batch No. Product Model Production Number
Batch 1 LEDskin® 3.1 MKI ILP161141 / ILP161142
Batch 2 LEDskin® 3.1 MKI ILP170244
Batch 3 LEDskin® 3.1 MKI ILP170532 / ILP170568
Batch 4 LEDskin® 3.1 MKI ILP170863 / ILP170864
Batch 5 LEDskin® 3.1 MKI ILP171112 / ILP171113
Batch 6 LEDskin® 3.1 MKII ILP180342
  LEDskin® 2.5 MKII ILP180343 / ILP180344
  LEDskin® 3.8 MKII ILP180345
Batch 7 LEDskin® 2.5 MKII ILP180565 / ILP180566
Batch 10 LEDskin® 2.5 MKII ILP190104
Batch 12 LEDskin® 2.5 MKII ILP1904036
Batch 13 LEDskin® 2.5 MKII ILP1910021

Can I also rent LEDskin®?

You can rent LEDskin® via one of our bePartners • LEDskin®:

Can I buy LEDskin® second hand?

This depends on whether there is second hand stock available. Please check with your account manager:

North America
Central & South America
Other countries