Re!nventing stand building systems.

Let's take care of each other first.

Stay tuned on our efforts to help you overcome this period! #beSafe

Discover the smart modular beMatrix solutions

Discover the smart modular beMatrix solutions

In this brochure we are providing renders that show how modular structures and split walls can help clients implement new measures, that can allow us to work, go out, go shopping, go to school... They are modular solutions to protect our community.

We are at your service

  • Permanence is organized for each department, so follow-up on questions and ongoing projects are guaranteed
  • The best way to reach us is by telephone or mail
  • During physical sales visits (internal or external) we wear a face mask and we follow the safety prescriptions. Urgent matters can be handled by telephone or skype.
  • All our showrooms over the world are open again
  • For shipping or receiving goods, we guarantee permanent service
  • beMatrix can deliver off the shelf (both sales and rental stock)
  • For projects, commercial questions or quotes, you can address your contact person