Re!nventing stand building systems.

Our frame system meets all the needs of today’s stand and event builder.

  • It combines the modular aspect with a custom-build look.
  • Great ROI thanks to a fast build-up and endless reusability. You save on material and manpower.
  • Modular and multi-purpose: The same frame is suitable for both panels and textile.
  • The most sustainable system on the market: limited use of infills, endless reusable and modular frames, lightweight system, reduced chrome plating or coating…
The best investment you can do

The best investment you can do

"Probably the fastest building system in the world"

The beMatrix system guarantees a fast build-up and assembling. This not only saves time, but also labour. Moreover, it is the strongest, lightweight and only tool less system in the market, resulting in lower labor costs.

Keep the body, change the skin: the same product can be used in unlimited designs. With beMatrix you can enjoy a unique 360° approach: it is the only system to not only build walls, but also ceilings & floors.

With the beMatrix frame system anything is possible! Next to our different production units around the world, we have multiple rental hubs to help cope with exceptional demands.

The only modular system in the market that is invisible

The only modular system in the market that is invisible

beMatrix has the look and design of traditional building while having the modularity and possibilities of a system... What you do not see is what you get!

By combining aluminium frames with panels or textiles in a clever way, beMatrix bridges the gap between traditional wood construction and prefabrication.

The never-ending product development makes sure the system can cope with almost every design. An important development for the stand building world is the evolution to real seamless solutions.

As we fix our panels, textiles or alternative infills onto our frames and not in between structures, our structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for graphics and giving it a clean design look.

As the structure is not seen, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of the system.

The most sustainable product in the market

The most sustainable product in the market

The beMatrix system is not only fast and easy to use, it also has a long-life-cycle and is endlessly reusable. By constantly re-using the same frames, your investment pays back in no time. Even after the smallest adjustment or expansion of an existing stand, none of the used materials are wasted. Our frame system and its modularity are not subject to the whims of fashion.

The fast building, lightweight & ergonomic system makes it possible to do more with fewer personnel and less transportation of materials. Furthermore we don't use any acids that could pollute the environment to produce our aluminium frames. Additionally, the use of harmful substances like paint and glue is prevented as much as possible by using textiles or panels with our frames.

And since our aluminium frames are 100% recyclable even after a long life cycle, the waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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