Re!nventing stand building systems.



„Sustainable development meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
(source: the Brundtland report 1987)

Within this view, a balance between ecological, economic and social needs is the main focus, also known as the 3 P’s: People, Profit and Planet.

Sustainability is high on the beMatrix agenda: when making strategic choices, but also in the day-to-day operations these ecological, economic and social needs are part of the decision process. 

The most sustainable product on the market

When we launched the aluminium frame system with big holes in 1993, we made the first big step towards sustainability. In fact, the typical features of this system are in full compliance with the 3 P’s:

  • Lightweight
    The low weight is one of the reasons why our frames are regarded as very user friendly and allows the stand builder to use less personnel for assembly.
  • Durable
    Our frames can be used over 200 times, in different types of set-ups, which is great ROI criterion for the stand builder – at the same time, we lower the need for raw materials to manufacture new frames.
  • Modular
    The beMatrix frame system allows a 360° configuration: the frames can be used for flooring, ceiling and walls. One group of frames can be used in different kinds of set-ups, so the stand builder has no need to acquire additional frames.

Innovation and ECO frame upgrade

This world evolves continuously. Every day, our R&D team focuses on product and process optimisation, always considering our footprint. The most recent innovation has been the upgrade of our ECO frame. A couple of years ago, we launched this frame as a green alternative to the anodised frame. Anodising is a supplemental step in the production process, which adds an extra layer to the frames. This step involves chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. So beMatrix decided to start with the ECO frame: the anodising procedure is replaced by a surface treatment that involves sanding and brushing. To reach the same level of finish as the anodised frame, we are, in collaboration with our machine constructor, finetuning this brushing technique. From 2019 onwards, our ECO frames will have an almost identical look to the anodised frames. An extra benefit of this eco-friendly procedure is the fact that these frames are fully recyclable, where the anodised frames are not.

Obviously, when we develop new products, we ensure compatibility with existing products, so that the stand builder can continue to use his stock, whilst also replenishing it with our novelties.

New sustainable machine park

In 2018, beMatrix invested in a new and fully automated machine park. One of the main ambitions when selecting the machines, has been to make sustainable choices.
These new machines allow to cut the frames to length with even more precision, so we further reduce waste during production. The small amount of production scrap is recycled and reused to produce aluminium.

Since the new machine park allows all production steps to be completed under one roof, the number of transports to and from subcontractors is significantly reduced as well. Solar panels ensure that most of the production side runs on green electricity.

International bePartner network

Internationaal bePartner netwerk Many stand builders regularly leave their trusted spot for booth assembly beyond the national borders, resulting in a lot of extra work and costs and putting extra strain on the environment. beMatrix is active worldwide and fully invests, under the ‘Think global, act local’ motto, in an international bePartner network. Today, over 60 partners in over 12 countries are at hand to help stand builders with their project abroad. These bePartners are experts when it comes to the beMatrix frame system. Whether you need assistance with assembly assistance, with printing textiles or panels, renting frames and accessories, installing LEDskin® or setting up a double deck… this bePartner network makes sure our ecological footprint is considerably reduced.

Within our sustainability policy we also put great store by charity

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