Re!nventing stand building systems.


Since we are a dynamic company with an international action radius, we deem it important to incentivise sustainable entrepreneurship outside of the company walls as well. Every year, a set percentage of the profit is allocated to investments in national and international projects, carefully selected and always aligned with our philosophy. Wherever possible, we engage employees in the project or set up an information campaign related to the project’s topic.

Apart from some smaller initiatives, beMatrix mainly invested in high impact forestation in Aalter and the construction of 3 water kiosks in Ituri (DR Congo) in 2018.

Forestation in nature domain Ganzeveld in Aalter (BE)

Forests have a predominant impact on climate change: they filter the air, produce oxygen, help regulate temperatures and store water in the soil. With a forestation rate of merely 11%, Flanders has the least amount of forest in Europe. That should change. With its ‘Bos voor Iedereen’ campaign, Natuurpunt takes action.

Bosuitbreiding van het natuurdomein Ganzeveld in Aalter (BE)Natuurpunt is an independent Belgian non-profit organisation which sets out to protect vulnerable and endangered nature in Flanders. To that aim they purchase land and ensure fully-fledged forests can grow. These purchases are not cheap, but do guarantee that these forests will remain intact in the long term.


beMatrix chose to support the Ganzeveld forestation project in Aalter. At the start of the project, it was decided to finance 1 square meter of forest every time 10 1mx2.5m aluminium frames were sold. However, with the support of the Flemish government, we could change that target to each 5 frames sold. The Ganzeveld forest can now be expanded with 16,000 m² of extra trees in 2018!

Bosuitbreiding van het natuurdomein Ganzeveld in Aalter (BE)CEO Stefaan Decroos & C!O Edwin Van der Vennet in the planting zone of the Ganzeveld forest

Building 3 water kiosks in Ituri (DR Congo)

Building 3 water kiosks in Ituri (DR Congo)

The province of Ituri is located in mountainous North-eastern Congo and counts approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. To this day, 1 million of the people living there have no access to clean drinking water. Bad hygiene conditions and lack of sanitation, together with polluted drinking water, still are the main causes of disease and diarrhoea, resulting in a high infant mortality rate.

In the spring of 2018, beMatrix was introduced to Belgian organisation ‘Ondernemers voor Ondernemers’, which helps people in low and average income countries to set up sustainable projects, by offering them support in entrepreneurship and independence. To this end, they collaborate closely with several NGO partners, such as Protos.

Bouw van 3 waterkiosken in Ituri, DR CongoProtos reinforces correct, sustainable and collaborative water management and water consumption in a number of countries (Belgium, Haiti, West-Africa…). The water kiosk project in Ituri (DR Congo) immediately jumped out. Its goal is to expand existing drink water systems and to professionalise the water kiosk outlets, a kind of drink water shops run by private individuals, putting in place a franchise-like model. This project will improve health of females, males and children alike and will contribute to economic activity (less waiting times, less absenteeism because of illness). beMatrix funded the construction of 3 new water kiosks in Ituri.

Warriors Against Cancer

Warriors Against CancerThis volunteer organisation supports warriors whom, because of their treatment, might be left living their lives with sometimes lasting scars, both physically and emotionally. With the help of volunteers and sponsors, they organise Spread Your Wings Photoshoots and Feel Good Days, offering cancer fighters support by improving their quality of life and helping them re-integrate in society. Our colleague Lynn Persyn (Internal Sales) is proud ambassador of this organisation!

11.trail Roeselare for the benefit of 11.11.11

11.trail Roeselare ten voordele van 11.11.11This urban trail is an initiative of 11.11.11, a non-governmental organisation for development aid with as aim a fair world without poverty. In 2018 beMatrix was one of the proud main sponsors. This sponsorship fits in with our sustainability policy, whereby we invest in the cornerstone People. This is done in two ways:

  • External: All the proceeds of this trail goes to the organisation 11.11.11.
  • Internal: By taking part ourselves we want to encourage our employees to stay fit and experience a fun sports moment together.

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