Re!nventing stand building systems.

With the beMatrix frame system possibilities are endless

Since our beMatrix aluminium frames can be combined with both panels and textiles they can cope with almost every design.

Furthermore our frame system is the strongest, most light-weight and only tool less system in the market. This can provide many advantages:

  • Fast build-up and assembling
  • Clean design look
  • Long-life-cycle and endless reusability
  • 100% recyclable


Active countries

beMatrix is active in 49 countries, and counting. The sky is the limit!


Happy employees

beManiac: A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for beMatrix.


Completed projects

Keep the body, change the skin! Endless possibilities with the beMatrix frame system.


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Clients testifying our quality

Thank you to the whole team for your welcome to the academy. The training was really enjoyable and profitable.

We see beMatrix as a promise to the client that anything is possible. It's scalable, reconfigurable, flexible, experimental AND very good looking, even without graphics!


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